Kylie Jenner was at a photo shoot, if her Snaps are to be believed, when she let the world take a peak at her unvarnished face. It turns out, there is an adolescent underneath all the foundation and eyeshadow.

big homie betta grow up

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The pictures are about as makeup free as it gets for a K-J (Kardashian-Jenner. It's getting hard to type that whole thing out all the time). Cheeeck it out:

"When everyone's drawing on freckles but ur always covering yours," Jenner captioned her Snap. A close analysis of this Snap suggests that Jenner is pretty damn makeup free.

Maybe there's some BB cream on there, but otherwise, she's looking au naturale—well, girl clearly has semi-permanent lash extensions and chances are there's some residue eye makeup going on there. Then there are her lips, which is another topic. Still a lot less going on than what she normally sports on social media.