In an exclusive new video posted to her website, Kylie Jenner gave fans a tour of her "glam room," the fully-mirrored nexus in which she applies her thousands of dollars of free makeup and boob cream, selects her wigs, and in general glams herself up for the world to enjoy. One feature especially caught the Internet's attention: a lighted vanity mirror containing a mount for her iPhone. The item is designed for her to take perfect Instagram selfies, the kind that have made her (more) famous.

The latest in narcissism technology.

In the video, Kylie admits that the design of the room was copied from Khloe's glam room (they all have them!), although she doesn't say whether Khloe or any of the other Kardashians have mirrors like hers. Considering how much they all love selfies, however, it wouldn't be surprising. Also they're super rich.

As you can see, it's very sophisticated.

Are selfie mirrors the craze of the future? Now that the video is up, they're probably the craze of today. That's how powerful she is.

Sources: Seventeen