When you think of Kyle Jenner's face, a beautiful woman covered in a seven layer bean dip of makeup products probably comes to mind.

makeup ✔️ hair ❌

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But for the cover photo of Allure's August issue, she allowed them to take a much more toned-down approach. What do you think?

Allure described the look as "a dreamy, almost Victorian doll-like look." For reference, this is what an actual Victorian doll looks like:

Mission accomplished?

They definitely nailed the long, separated lashes, but Kylie's hair just can't be taken down to terrible doll-hair levels.

Below you can see Allure's video of Kylie's makeup shoot, which doesn't so much show you how her look was achieved as much as it shows how Kylie can look beautiful doing literally anything, like playing a game of pickup volleyball or getting her "fresh faced look" reapplied by a team on the beach.