Congratulations to Kylie and Kendall Jenner for being the most popular kids in every single school.

The non-twins had a surprise party to celebrate their graduations—Kylie finished high school this year and Kendall did last year...DUH. And a lot can be pieced together through a trail of Instagram and Snapchat crumbs sprinkled across the universe.

There were many famous people in attendance, including the party's host, Ryan Seacrest, and plenty of Kardashians.

Woot woot!
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Can you spot the celebrities? There are probably some. (via Snapchat)

There were also synchronized swimmers, who I'm guessing were overshadowed, and graduation gifts, of course. Kylie got a Cartier bracelet and gold Rolodex watch.

This was either an amazing or horrible gig. (via Snapchat)

Not bad, not bad. (Via Snapchat)


Welcome to the real world, Kyile and Kendall.

Sources: Instagram | h/t Harper's Bazaar