Leonardo DiCaprio has almost died three times in real life, in addition to dying in multiple film performances (spoiler alert for basically every Leo movie). So what does he have to do to get an Oscar, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voters? Give the hot man a break!

In a new interview with Wired, DiCaprio recounted three hard-to-believe near-death experiences.


1. Leo almost got eaten by a shark:

A great white jumped into my cage when I was diving in South Africa. Half its body was in the cage, and it was snapping at me.They leave the tops open and you have a regulator line running to the surface. Then they chum the water with tuna. A wave came and the tuna sort of flipped up into the air. A shark jumped up and grabbed the tuna, and half its body landed inside the cage with me. I sort of fell down to the bottom and tried to lie flat. The great white took about five or six snaps an arm’s length away from my head. The guys there said that has never happened in the 30 years they’d been doing it.

2. Leo was almost in a plane crash:

Sources: Wired