I hope there is a hidden code in this Instagram caption. 

LL Cool... Lady.

True story: One time, I sat on the stoop of an apartment building in front of the Scientology Celebrity Center talking to a dude who turned out to be a paparazzo. Liz and Dick was using the Celebrity Center as a location, and this guy was hovering, hoping to get a snap of Lohan in a window. He hid his camera in a grocery bag under a couple of packages of King's Hawaiian Bread, so nobody would see it if they walked by.

Then, as today, I worry about Lindsay Lohan.

A couple of days ago, she took a break from her usual Instagram posting of sexy pictures with small captions to post a sexy picture with a very large caption. Complete with shout outs to #michaeljackson, @peta, @TMZ, and @oprah, it has the rambling tone of a note that's supposed to look like it's from somebody who's not doing well, but there's actually a hidden code inside. I hope there's a hidden code inside. Maybe it tells us the location of The Holy Grail. Or where she buried all the copies of Herbie: Fully Loaded. Either way, here's the post: