Luisa ​Zissman, who has starred in such reality shows as The Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother gave birth only 14 days ago, and is shocked at "how quickly her stomach has gone down."

"2 weeks ago vs this morning. Surprised at how quickly my stomach has gone down. I gained 2st with this pregnancy & have 7lbs to lose now. With Dixie I gained 4st! having been very fit before I got pregnant was a massive bonus in my recovery I think. Skin is still loose & can't wait to tone up but on the whole pretty pleased with how belly is looking. Have no core strength which I realised after trying to ride my horse last week. I did NO exercise throughout my pregnancy due to my hips & pelvis being in agony, and I ate well but didn't deny myself anything. As soon as doc signs me off I'll be following@kayla_itsines programme to get fit, doing Pilates & yoga and of course my beloved horse riding. Will share my progress here with the other mummas who are interested to see."


She gives a decent amount of credit to being in great shape before getting pregnant. We're so happy for her, right? RIGHT?!!??