Kylie Jenner has a friend named Mara Teigen who is a model (Wow! A real model as a friend!). People have just now realized that Teigen looks like Angelina Jolie, and not because she has a brood of several children and Brad Pitt in tow. She also shares Chrissy Teigen's last name! This shocking revelation is making people very excited, because a quasi-celebrity looking and sounding like actual celebrities is big news. Here's 21-year-old Teigen asking her friends on Instagram if they prefer her posts about makeup or outfits:

What is your favorite thing that I post? Selfies, outfits, makeup etc.. I'm curious 🤔

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For comparison, here's Angelina Jolie, in case her face hasn't somehow already been burned into your brain:

Photo taken seconds after someone yelled "Hey! Angelina! Over here! Behind you!"
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Yup! It's true: these women who both have jobs that require them to look beautiful have some facial similarities. According to US Weekly, Teigen has "appeared in advertisements for Milani Cosmetics and Frankies Bikinis," and she's reportedly dating an NHL player.

In addition to being friends with Kylie and look-alikes with Angelina, Teigen apparently also hangs out with Paris Hilton, at least at crappy desert weekend Coachella:

Finally, here's Teigen looking like Angelina while riding in what appears to be a Maserati and claiming that "Smiling is the best cure for most things." She is going to flip shit when she learns about science.


Smiling is the best cure for most things❤️

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