Matt McGorry, the actor who plays John Bennet in Orange is the New Black, designed a t-shirt for International Women's Day. The shirt's been dubbed "the greatest feminist t-shirt *ever*" by the good people at Marie Claire, and proceeds from its sale will go to NARAL—an organization that helps support the right to choose. But despite McGorry's good intentions, the shirt will almost definitely reel in some meninists on accident.

If you're not a strong reader, you might think McGorry is an a**hole.

The shirt reads:

I'm not a feminist because ____

A. I don't understand that it just means believing in gender equality

B. I'm an asshole

The shirt relies on people actually reading the entire text before coming to a conclusion. Unfortunately, most people glance at shirts and draw conclusions immediately. In this case, that conclusion might be—"hey, Matt McGorry's a dick!"

McGorry told Maire Claire that when he was creating the shirt, he "tried to imagine what I would've needed to hear a year ago to flip the switch and make me think about feminism differently; to think about what women go through everyday that I don't."


Regardless of the complicated head-fake, the shirt seems to be a hit, and hats off to McGorry for his newfound political consciousness. If you like, you can buy the shirt here for just shy of $23.

Sources: h/t Cosmopolitan