Meghan Trainor, that young woman who won't stop making those insanely catchy pop songs, shared an enlightening Snapchat following the release of the music video for her song "Me Too." Confirming what some know is already true about music videos, Trainor announced that people behind her video photoshopped the crap out of her against her wishes. Listen to Trainor talk about her bomb, non-photoshopped waist and her plans to re-release the video.


Meghan Trainor is kind of endearing, no? 

After her Snapchat session, Trainor and her healthy ribs chatted with Andy Cohen, while Chloë Moretz nodded to everything she said. Cohen shared a screenshot of the photoshopped video, in which Meghan Trainor appears to have a Kardashian butt with a waist the size of Kristen Bell's pinky.

Trainor is right: her waist is bomb without all that weird Photoshopping.

Her photoshopped body is a Frankensteinian creation of celebrity parts.