Crying in the U.S.A.

As a journalist (zip it!), I've seen plenty of heartbreaking videos. There's the 10-month old boy who cries whenever Brian Williams comes on the TV, the little girl who is devastated that she's turning four, and, of course, the young girl in hysterics because she didn't get to see her poop before it was flushed. However, as heartbreaking as those videos are, they're not nearly as tragic as this clip of a young-ish Miley Cyrus fan brought to tears after her favorite singer's North Carolina concert was cancelled.

Because if she's this distraught over not being able to see Miley Cyrus on the first leg of the Bangerz tour, it's hard to imagine her being able to deal with a real tragedy, like having to go to Disney World when you really want to go to Alabama.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Youtube