Miley, seen here on a calmer evening. (via Getty)


Miley Cyrus was staying at the Greenwich Hotel in New York City  last week, and despite New York not being one of the several states where it's either kinda legal or totes legal to smoke pot, she was smoking pot in public. There are zero states, however, where it's legal to smoke pot in a hotel lobby, which makes you wonder why she thought it was OK to smoke pot in the hotel lobby.

Hotel management probably wondered that, too, when they went over to tell her that, basically, everyone in the hotel was complaining. Here's what an "insider" told Life & Style (Insider to what? A Miley insider? An insider to the hotel? Just a non-homeless person?). I recommend reading this in the voice of someone on TV re-enacting a crime:

"It was like a tornado hit the lobby. Miley and her posse took over, screaming and carrying on so much that management received a number of complaints."

What number? No one can know. In the chaos, the exact number must have been lost. But insiders confirm it was a number. A number of complaints about pot.

"It was the kind of bad behavior you’d expect from a bunch of juvenile delinquents."

When management asked her to stop, I like to imagine that she replied "we can't stop" and then looked around for a high five. We can't know that, though. What we do know is this:

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