More like Neil Party Hearty...ok, I'll leave now.

Neil Patrick Harris is many things to many people, but yesterday he was spectacularly drunk (i.e. mostly pretending and making a really fun photo series, but let's all just play along) on margaritas for everyone on the Internet. Neil was on a vacation to Mexico, and on his last day he decided to challenge drink as many margaritas as possible. If this was a run-of-the-mill celebrity, being sh*tfaced online would mean a four-day apology tour to control the damage from whatever offensive things they did or tweeted. Because this is NPH, however, it just goes under "feel good news" (although he may not be feeling good today). 

That book cover looks like it might make you nauseous. Probably best that he lost it.

You got to #7 without asking what was in them?

Only that gorilla shirt looks ready to party as hard as NPH right now.

This is the point at which even Barney Stinson would start to get concerned.

He kinda looks like he's belly-flopping towards heaven.

Well, that turned out to be prescient. He was belly-flopping towards heaven.

From here to Neilternity. We'll miss you NPH, you were our reason for watching the Tonys.

(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: Neil Patrick Harris on Instagram | Neil Patrick Harris on Twitter