"Can I call you Katie? Of course I can, because I've already trapped you."

Believe it or not, there was a time when this was an original idea, not just a way to manipulate celebrities into obeying you because it would cause bad press to say no. Things were different when this was a marine asking out Mila Kunis. Marines are entitled to put celebrities on the spot in viral videos, because a.) they're usually stationed somewhere that makes asking celebrities in person difficult, and b.) they're Marines. This kid, it's fair to say, is not a Marine, despite his awkward pushup segment.

If you watch Upton in this interview below, the fact that the media is forcing her to say yes is pretty apparent. It's not exactly like Kate Upton is such a confirmed celebrity that she couldn't still disappear tomorrow. She still needs to impress us to stick around, and so she finally responded via twitter (clearly holding out the vain hope that her "schedule" would save her).

As a side note, that new Twitter thing turned seven years old this week.


How could I turn that down? Seriously, how? Someone tell me. I need help turning it down.

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