Hey, remember this photo of Matthew Lewis aka Neville Longbottom, that made J.K. Rowling say, "Ow, my eyes!"?

Aren't his legs cold? (via Attitude)

The poor lady has probably just recovered! We've all just recovered. It's very uncomfortable to realize that someone who looks like that used to look like this:

In other words, a child. (via Harry Potter)

Now Matthew Lewis and Attitude Mag are back at it!

Lewis posted this yesterday and we had to take a seat:

A "regram" (is that what they call it?) from the one and only @josephsinclair. That boy got mad skillz with the camera.
A photo posted by Matthew Lewis (@realmattdavelewis) on

What?! Why!?!

Look, we get it, you're hot. But please, hear this: a lot of us feel like we could be your mom. Or, at least, the aunt who gets tipsy and shows everyone she can belly dance at family functions.

J.K. Rowling let him off with a gentle reprimand last time:


Can't wait to see what she says about this.

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