Near perfect "Perfect."

UPDATE: This was fake. He recorded a whole bunch of other people doing impressions and lip synced to it. He was trying to get some attention for his album. Apparently the way to promote your music is to pretend you have a whole other talent which you don't have. Don't buy his album. This shit is annoying.


There are almost as many celebrity impressionists as there are celebrities, and most of them are crap. Not this one. The voices in the song "Perfect" by Rob Cantor along with Andrew Horowitz are so good that you'll go from thinking "Randy Newman? Who cares? Kermit the Frog? Over it!" to saying to yourself,  "Okay, that's a great Bono... Ha! Steve Buscemi! Whoa, Billy Holiday? Are you kidding me? This is a trick, right? My mind is so blown I don't know what's real anymore. Is Rob Cantor a wizard, or did someone spike my Chipotle burrito with peyote? I'm losing my mind, man!"

Okay, maybe that's a stretch. But he's ridiculously good. Even Britney Spears doesn't do Britney that well (Seriously, I'm pretty sure she sings along to a tape of Rob in her Vegas show). He even throws in an instrumental solo to mix things up.

As someone doing a terrible Johnny Carson impression might say, "good stuff."

(by Jonathan Corbett)


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