She must have really gone after the hair salon. (via)

Australian singer-songwriter Sia had a problem with a dry cleaning business in Queens, NY recently, and instead of doing what most people would do (overeat while sulking), she decided to channel her inner Charlie Sheen and ask 467K Twitter followers to submit "suggestions for revenge/pranks."

Plenty of suggestions came in. None of them good. But one of them caught Sia's eye.

Suddenly Metropolitan Garment Cleaning in Flushing, Queens was having its online reputation destroyed by people from all over the globe who couldn't find Flushing on a map of Queens. They were accused of everything from ruining clothes and causing skin cancer, to being called meth-producing laundry nazis capable of murder. Basically, not the kind of Yelp reviews a small business is looking for.

The page has since been cleaned up, and locals who may have actually used their service came to their defense. 

Even Sia came to her senses after a while, and retweeted a late entry to the bunch.

She probably realized that in the music business, where image is practically everything, a millionaire using her celebrity to bully a small business is not a good look.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

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