Prince William helped a fallen elderly gentleman at an event and everyone collectively was like, Yeah, basically Prince Charming.


Prince William and Princess Kate, the most famous millennial couple in the world, were attending an event at the Stewards Academy to highlight how teachers and parents can support kids through difficult times in school.

While greeting guests at the event, Jonathan Douglas-Hughes, Vice Lord Lieutenant of Essex (the Queen's representative in Essex), accidentally fell over while greeting the prince and princess.

Douglas-Hughes told People magazine...

I'm fine thank you... The duke was very concerned but I reassured him I was perfectly all right.

Prince William knows a thing or two about helping people. The Prince, with his wife and brother Prince Harry, head the campaign Heads Together, dedicated to helping people dealing with mental illness. He wrote in a blog post for the campaign:

For many young people, the changing schools or starting a new academic year is really difficult to deal with... Catherine and I have young children who will be going through this themselves in a short period of time, and like all parents we will want to make sure that our children are not just able to achieve their academic potential at school but are also happy and emotionally supported.