A "Kardashian snitch" has informed MediaTakeOut that reclusive Rob Kardashian and his fiancée​ (and soon-to-be-baby momma) Blac Chyna just had a dramatic break up over "suspicious texts" on Chyna's phone. According to MTO, the couple was taping for Keeping Up With the Kardashians when Rob spotted the texts and a huge fight happened on camera. Hmmm. That's bad news for the couple, but (sadly) FANTASTIC news for the TV show and whichever crew member will sell their phone footage. Is their split real or just a publicity stunt?


There's not a lot of information (ahem, gossip) available yet, but right after Rob Kardashian supposedly ended things with Chyna, he apparently unfollowed her on Instagram and deleted all pictures of her from his account. She unfollowed him in retaliation, but as of Monday morning had apparently started following him again. Deleting and unfollowing someone is apparently the tossing-their-stuff-in-the-street of digital era breakups. Having the option to delete someone just sounds so harsh.