The internet has been abuzz with rumors that Rob Kardashian and his fianceé Blac Chyna have broken up once and for all (for REAL this time, guys), but the sock designer squelched the separation speculation by posting a couple of Snapchats of Chyna's baby bump.

Could this be the only camera-shy Kardashian?
Rob Kardashian Snapchat.

Rob posted two videos on Wednesday night. In the first one, Rob concentrated the lens on Chyna's bump and said, "move!" The baby didn't move. In the second video, you can kind of sort of see her belly move a bit. But the content of the snaps doesn't really matter—the important thing is that these two are exploiting their unborn child together.

That kid has no idea what world they're coming into.

Breakup rumors began when tensions came to a head after the Kardashian/Jenner family threw Rob a baby shower and neglected to invite Chyna. Rob then retaliated by posting his 19-year-old sister Kylie's phone number all over twitter.