Male Kardashian Rob Kardashian got a new tattoo on the very public body part connecting his head and his torso, at least according to a new Snapchat vid recently posted by his on-again, off-again future wife, Blac Chyna, who is also pregnant with their child.

Rob in @blacchyna snapchat yesterday

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And the tattoo looks a lot like "Angela," which is Blac Chyna's real name, and the name she plans to go by after their kid is born.

Oh to be young and in love!
Oh to be young and in love!

These crazy kids, who got married after three months of dating, have had a tumultuous relationship. They most recently got back together after supposedly splitting up on-camera over "suspicious" texts on Chyna's phone. But if that really is her name tattooed on his neck, than their love will probably last forever. And if it doesn't last, hopefully Rob can find another woman he is compatible with named Angela.