On Sunday evening, a bunch of British people attended the Olivier Awards for theater, including the ghosts of Ygritte and Jon Snow. The two have managed to find each other in the afterlife and rekindle their romance, albeit as Kit Harington and Rose Leslie.

They clean up nice.

Back in 2012, when their Game of Thrones characters were still alive, actors Rose Leslie and Kit Harington were a thing, according to TMZ. Then they broke their fans' hearts by ending their relationship (but maybe mostly by dying on screen).

Now, after getting back together earlier this year, they've gone public with their romance and reminded everyone about the freaky northern sexcapades Game of Thrones lost.

The faces of two people who are very happy to be alive.

They have also reminded everyone that it's about time for season six of Game of Thrones to start. Start canceling whatever plans you have from now until April 24 so that you can re-watch as much as possible before the new season premieres.