Ryan Reynolds interrupted Hugh Jackman's press junket for Eddie the Eagle, and conducted his own interview, which was exactly as handsome and charming as you might expect. Reynolds is currently starring in the #1 movie in America, Deadpool, and Hugh Jackman's upcoming film is a feel-good biopic about a 1970s British Olympic ski jumper, in which he plays the coach. They sort of discuss the film, questions from "Bryan Breynolds," and the fact that Jackman may or may not be sleeping with Reynold's wife, Blake Lively.

Reynolds may or may not have seen said film, but he made sure to take time to poke fun at the last time Reynolds played Deadpool, which was in Jackman's Wolverine: Origins. That Deadpool did not go over well with fans (they weirdly sealed his mouth despite the fact that Deadpool's whole thing besides his superpowers is being a smartass), and the movie kind of put a wet blanket on Fox's whole X-Men universe until the X-Men: First Class reboot. Nevertheless, the success of the new film may lead to crossovers with the X-Men universe (Fox owns the rights to X-Men-related Marvel properties), which would be great because this interview is great.