The unbearable sadness of being Kanye. (via Alex Yenni)

Long story short: A couple years ago, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian went ziplining in Costa Rica with that creepy Girls Gone Wild guy Joe Francis, at which point somebody took a picture of Kim and her cleavage standing next to some Mr. Cool Guy, while Kanye sat in the background looking sad. Somehow, that picture ended up on the wall of the zip-lining establishment, where a guy named Alex Yenni discovered it, took a picture of the picture, and put it online where it belongs. Now, we have this Sad Kanye photo, and all is right with the world.


However, there is one nagging question in all this: Why is Kanye so sad? Maybe one of the many, many photoshops of this picture can provide us with an answer: 

Maybe Kanye is sad about how sad Keanu Reeves probably is. (via TheBlazingPhoenix)

Maybe Kanye is sad that he'll never be as sad as Keanu Reeves.
(via Liz Tan)

Maybe Kayne is sad that he's zip-lining with Kim instead of having
sex with her while riding a motorcycle.
 (via Mike Tunison)

Maybe Kanye is sad because he's still not nearly as big as Nature. (via RazZaHlol)

Maybe Kanye is sad because everything seems backwards nowadays. (via PaperkutRob)

Maybe Kanye is sad because he wasn't asked to be a Jedi. (via forceduse)

Maybe Kanye is sad because he's constantly reminded
of someone from Kim's past.
(via thejook)

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