Salma Hayek is an incredibly beautiful woman who managed through most of her life to have a really tiny waist and also famously large boobs. That still seems to be true, but not to Salam Hayek's critical eyes. On Thursday, she posted a #tbt of herself in a bikini before she had kids, writing:

This was my waist before pregnancy. Now it's not the same but my life is so much better. Esta era mi cintura antes de embarazarme pero ahora mi vida es mucho mejor.


Here's what she looked like before:

And here's what she looked like six weeks ago, which seems exactly the same, but we'll need more bikini pics to confirm:

It's refreshing that Hayek is openly like, "I was hotter before, but whatever," instead of pretending she prefers stretch marks. It makes it much more believable when she adds that whatever is going on under her dress, the changes are totally worth it:

Sources: Salma Hayek