Superstar athlete Serena Williams has a buttload of money, so it's not surprising that she stayed at a hotel in Rome that has a fancy menu for dogs.


On Snapchat, Williams explained how her dog Chip is very forgetful (oh, Chip) and left his dog food at home, so Chip got to dine off the hotel menu. Williams was entranced by the offerings and decided to sample a bite. Witness Williams as she slowly descends into the horrible aftermath that occurs after eating dog food:

To be fair, Williams had some good points in favor of eating the dog food: the packaging, the expensive price. "I ordered him the Salmon and rice, because I thought, "I like salmon."" Yeah, that makes sense.

Thinking that this looks good is a bit more difficult to follow:

That looks like Chip has already digested it.
Sources: h/t E! News