More like Shia LaCreamPeouf. Right? Up top. Anyone?

At least I'm pretty sure he wasn't copying someone else. Shia LaBeouf, the actor-turned-plagiarist who recently announced he was retiring from public life, went to a bar recently (not usually a good move for him) and apparently thought someone else in the bar was insulting his girlfriend's mom. Leaving aside the fact that I don't think people make that many mom-insults anymore, certainly not as adults in a public place, and usually not to a woman, fighting someone who is still making mom jokes to women in bars will not make you the winner of anything.

And I don't mean to get all bro-ntosaurus (sadly not real) on you, but if you're going to headbutt someone it should be a better headbutt. I don't want people to headbutt each other at all. It's mean, it hurts, you could both get concussions, and it makes you look like an idiot.

That being said: weak headbutt, bro. Maybe stick to glaring at random people on the street or throwing coffee at paparazzi.


This guy needs some help. He's constantly getting into fights when he's drunk, he's tanking his career and alienating the few people he hadn't alienated when he and Indiana Jones went to go look for aliens. So, we'll do our duty and post his embarrassing videos until he wises up.

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