We don't joke about Amanda Bynes...now that we collectively put her in the hospital.
Also, those are the tweets of a sick person begging for help. Ha? Ha? Ha? Ha?

Sinead O'Connor reached out to Miley Cyrus yesterday with some surprisingly kind words of advice (since the Irish singer isn't exactly known for having a soft spot). We have a full piece explaining everything that happened with Sinead's letter yesterday, but here's my short, paraphrased summary: "You are being handled by people who care nothing about you and want to keep you crazy and outrageous because it makes them money. That is, until your looks fade and/or you become uncontrollable. Then they'll kick you to the metaphorical, but also quite possibly real, curb."

Look, the letter was definitely preachy, annoying, and a bit arrogant. BUT, most people would know, even if they HATED Sinead's letter, that getting a letter of genuine concern from an Irish superstar with a reputation for taking stands on things is pretty flattering (and really alarming). So, most people would at least write back "Dear Sinead, how wonderful to hear from you. I appreciate your concern, but I'm not ready to come down off my crazy horse quite yet. Thanksadoodles, Miley."

That's not what Miley did. Miley compared O'Connor, who has bipolar disorder, to Amanda Bynes, who kinda stopped being funny when her lawyer was all like "No, this isn't a fake legal thing, I'm really pleading insanity for her. She's really fucking nuts and sick and needs to be locked up for a year and a half at least." [UPDATE: O'Connor is now THREATENING TO SUE over the mental illness jibes! Don't piss off bipolar people by comparing them to schizophrenics, guys! Then she wrote ANOTHER open letter (at bottom of article).]

Also, those Sinead O'Connor tweets were from two years ago (somone has since snagged the username to use for parody), and just as it appears, she was having a mental breakdown. I'm not saying Sinead O'Connor isn't a raving looney (I say that as a raving looney, myself), I'm just saying that begging for psychiatric help is pretty much the most responsible breakdown I can think of. Conversely, mocking it is pretty irresponsible. Miley must have fans with bipolar disorder. What if they don't get help because they know their idol will laugh at them? That's fucked up.

Miley, who is actually a honey badger in a human suit, doesn't give a shit, so she screencapped it anyway. Then, she followed up by mocking one of the most iconic moments of the last 20 (21, actually) years of TV:

This pic is 1.5 months older than Miley. 100 years from now, it will still be way more important.

Sure, a lot of people hated, hated, hated Sinead after she ripped up the Pope, but at least I know why she did it: she was furious about child and sex abuse in the Church, especially in Ireland (where it was an even bigger problem than usual). You can say it sucked giant priest balls, but it was conceptually coherent. There's a big difference between being hated for saying something and being hated for...whatever Miley is up to in these pretty-much naked photos that, for some reason, accompany every story about this (NSFW). Here's the most SFW picture in the whole series (and one of only 3 with real clothes on):


I don't know about you, but I was desperately hoping that was the end of the story. It's not even close. Sinead O'Connor went on Facebook and her own website today for a full-on retaliation, a.k.a. "Open Letter Part II":

How do you read by getting your tits out? Was that not the point I should take from this?

(by Johnny McNulty)

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