Not the guy this story is about.

It's got to be tough to emerge from a nearly week-long coma and find out that you suffered a multifocal intracranial brain hemorrhage and nearly died after being involved in a seven-car pile-up. I've luckily never experienced it myself, but I'd have to imagine it's a bit traumatizing.


I have, however, had to deal with the pain of not being a tall, muscular good-looking guy with an endearing air of casualness and wry twinkle in his eye every single day of my life, so I can kind of understand what it must have been like for 25-year-old Rory Curtis to wake up in the hospital and discover that he's not Matthew McConaughey.

"I went to the toilet I went to look in the mirror, and I was shocked because I didn't look like him, I didn't know what I was looking at," the British man told London-based newspaper The Telegraph. "Then slowly over time it eventually clicked, and I thought, "He is an actor, what am I on about?"

Yeah, join the club, mate. We've all come to similarly depressing realizations in our lives. Though, maybe not quite so abruptly.

Woody Harrelson and a guy who is not Rory Curtis.

"At times, I was in the hospital thinking I can't wait to get out of here and back to filming movies," he said of his bizarre post-trauma experience. "I was convinced I was him and that I had his good looks as well — I know it was hopeful thinking, really."

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