"Make me look like a catatonic replicant."

Lady Gaga has a reputation to keep up. She may be a talented, boundary-pushing musician, but it's really her style that defines her in the public eye. She understands better than anybody that if people start seeing her walking around in dresses not made out of meat, or traveling by taxi instead of by giant translucent egg, then her mystique of grotesque elegance will sublimate away, and she'll look less like the Queen of All Monsters than a privileged Italian princess from the Upper West Side.

So, I'm sure that when she signed on for an ad campaign for Versace last year, she specifically told the photography team something like, "Make me look like a deceased mannequin. No, not like a non-living mannequin. Like a mannequin that was brought to life but then died from erotic asphyxiation." You can see their handiwork in the picture up top. Nice work, actually. You can almost see the rigor mortis setting in.

That's why these newly leaked unretouched outtakes from that photoshoot—in which she looks like a normal, living human being who eats food and doesn't sleep in a tube of electrified ooze—have got to be pissing her off. She's probably all, like, "Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-aaaaahhhhh!!!"

Sources: @JoseLMonster | h/t BuzzFeed