Steve Harvey is in the news today for completely f*cking up the Miss Universe pageant Sunday night when he couldn't read instructions on a card and crowned the wrong queen. Fans of Harvey, who love him for all his goofy expressions on Family Feud, are quick defend what they see as a simple human error. Fair enough. Can they explain all the other stupid stuff that Harvey has spoken aloud on TV, though? This compilation of sh*t Steve Harvey says by YouTube user Boobsandbravado is circulating online today to remind us all that Harvey wasn't exactly perfect up until the Miss Universe thing:


For instance, he doesn't believe in evolution. He also doesn't consider gay men "real" men. And, ladies, Steve Harvey doesn't think there's a single platonic friendship in your life; any man who is friendly to you only wants sex. Why does he believe men are like that? Whatever the reason, it's apparently not because he thinks they evolved that way.

Sources: Boobsandbravado