The start of a beautiful friendship. 

After some back-and-forth on who should drive the car (Corden ultimately takes the wheel, because growing up in England and driving on the other side of the street is the lesser impediment), James Corden and Stevie Wonder jam to their favorite songs. Their artist of choice? Stevie Wonder.

Because he can't see him, Wonder was dubious of Corden's identity. "All English guys look alike," Wonder jokes, as he FaceTimes people for a second opinion on whether or not it is indeed James Corden.  

After singing "Superstition" and "You Can Feel It Over," Corden asked Wonder to return the favor and call his wife to confirm that they are indeed together. Speaking as a British alter-ego, Wonder calls up Mr. Corden and sings a beautiful rendition of "I Just Called to Say James Loves You." 


Watch the full video, and get psyched for The Wondercats' world tour. 

Sources: YouTube