In the wake of Susan Sarandon displaying some cleavage on the red carpet—and getting on Piers Morgan's bad side—her son appeared at the Zoolander 2 premiere in a show-stopping outfit. The 23-year-old Miles Robbins (his dad is Tim) posed next to his mom in a baby blue blazer that had My Little Pony plushies and an assortment of fabric haphazardly tacked on. Aside from the blazer, the actor sported a button-up and white stockings. 

Obey My Little Pony.

Rainbow Dash looks like she had a great time. The lucky pegasus and a few other ponies even got to hang out with Ben Stiller.

So hot right now.

Between Ben Stiller's son pulling off Blue Steel and Miles Robbins' sweet blazer, the kids really stole the show at this red purple carpet.