The disintegration of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift's relationship came on fast and was pretty shocking, and not only for fans but for Harris himself. TMZ is reporting that Swift ended her 15-month relationship with the DJ over the phone. That's cold.

They can try to delete all evidence of their relationship, but GIFs are forever.

A source tells TMZ that Taylor called Harris to break off their relationship some point after his serious car accident, you know, just to add a broken heart and bruised ego to his list of sustainable injuries. The source also says that Harris definitely did not see the breakup coming, even though he should probably have been bracing for breakup at all times since he was dating Taylor Swift.

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The two have allegedly not spoken since the breakup, although Harris was definitely not quiet after seeing his ex suck face with Tom Hiddleston last week. He threw an all-out hissy fit, then deleted all social media evidence that he had anything to do with Taylor. Remember the good ol' days when Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift were still in love and Tom Hiddleston was not making out with singers about ten years younger than him in conveniently picturesque public beaches? It seems like forever ago, but it was really just like, last month.