John Conor Kennedy, the son of Robert Kennedy, Jr. who briefly dated Taylor Swift in 2012, was arrested in Aspen, CO after allegedly getting into a fight in a night club early Thursday morning. According to The Aspen Times, the 22-year-old also resisted a cop trying to restrain him, causing them both to fall into a snow bank. That probably wasn't as fun and cute as it sounds, and the two definitely didn't proceed to make out like in a rom-com.


According to reports, police were called to a nightclub called Bootsy Bellows at around 1:40 a.m. on Thursday to deal with some patrons who wouldn't leave the club. The responding officer, Officer Andy Atkinson, arrived and witnessed two men get into a fight outside the club.

Conor Kennedy has probably had better days.

One of the two men was Kennedy (who goes by Conor), who Officer Atkinson says grabbed the other man by his shirt and pull him down, and then "hit him four or five times in the back of the head with his fists." Conor Kennedy apparently refused to stop fighting even when the police intervened, so they tried to restrain him, which led to both Kennedy and Officer Atkinson falling into the snow bank.


But all was fine in the end. Officer Atkinson arrested Kennedy, who reportedly apologized to the police officer afterward, explaining, "He [the other man] called my friend the f-word." Kennedy was charged with disorderly conduct and taken to Pitkin County Jail, and then issued a summons to appear in Aspen Municipal Court.