Last night at the Grammys, Taylor Swift showed up with a brand new hairdo—this simple blunt cut with bangs.

Taylor Swift with a new haircut and some sort of candy choker.

It's a new style for Swift, yes, but not a new look altogether. It's a lot like, for example, Kelly Osbourne's hair at the Grammys two years ago.

Here is Swift's hair in lavender.

And also pretty similar to the look Vogue editor/elfin queen Anna Wintour has rocked for the last 200 years.  

Don't look directly into her eyes! SHE'LL STEAL YOUR SOUL!

Here's Swift's hair seen in its earliest configuration: Beverly Cleary kids book character Ramona Quimby (portrayed here by 10-year-old Joey King in the 2010 movie Beezus and Ramona).