Pretty good advice from someone whose whole shtick is about being a loser in high school.

"What do you mean 'I'm a megastar?' I'm just Taylor from the block!" (via Getty)


A high schooler from somewhere in America was having trouble deciding which tie to wear to prom, and like anyone whose Tumblr name is "swiftromantics," he reached out to his almighty demi-god Taylor Swift for some advice:

So prom is on Thursday and I need to know, tie or bow tie?

He probably just did it as a one-off, not expecting much, but Taylor Swift's PR person Taylor Swift chose to come down from the heavens and answer this unlikely mortal's question. She responded with the following:

I like the tie but honestly both are great. I just feel like you look like a 50's movie star in the bow tie, but more like a modern movie star in the tie. Depends on what vibe you're wanting to convey but I'd say the tie. Great suit btw!

Besides learning that neither of them understand that a regular tie is called a "necktie," it also looks like we've learned that Swift prefers modern movie stars to 50s movie stars. OMG! Just kidding. That is not news. How much do you want to bet every compliment this kid receives on his suit is going to be followed with him saying, "Yeah, you know who also likes my suit? Taylor Swift." Hats off to you, swiftromantics. It wasn't so long ago that Taylor was in your shoes.

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