Taylor Swift still thinks Kanye broke the law when he recorded a phone conversation with her about the lyrics to his song "Famous." The dispute is specifically over the phrase "I made that bitch famous," which refers to Swift. Now she's threatening to sue and, according to a source, may file a police report based on laws about consent to record phone conversations (basically, that it can be illegal to record a phone conversation if someone does not know they're being recorded).

Kanye claims Swift approved the lyrics during their phone call even though she made a fuss after the song's release. The feud has even drawn Kim Kardashian to defend Yeezy and offer up audio evidence of Swift's approval during the call.


The trouble for Swift is that phone consent laws vary by state, and it's unclear which states she and Kanye were in when the conversation happened. Additionally, if there's a reasonable expectation that Tay knew others could hear her (speaker phone, background noises, etc.), she may not have a case. The legal aspects of this feud are complex, and so far, they don't seem to be in Swift's favor.

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