If Taylor Swift's social media accounts can get hacked while she is away on vacation, it could happen to any A-list celebrity!


While Taylor Swift was busy yelling at whales in Hawaii, cretinous hackers were swimming into her personal accounts.

The first came in at 11:13 am today.

(Screencaps via Defamer)

Don't bother trying to follow @veriuser, they've already been suspended.

The next hack was at 11:19am from @lizzard (also suspended), with this inspirational tweet:

Dream big, @lizzard. Their fifteen minutes of fame lasted exactly twenty minutes, as that's how long Defamer says it took for Twitter to erase all evidence of the hack attack.

Then, an hour and a half later, Taylor's Insta got permeated, too. There was a lot more penis and balls in the un-cropped version of this pic. You're welcome or I'm sorry.

Tay Tay on Vay-cay was swift to gain control of both of her accounts, and responded to the hackening appropriately.