Would've guessed it was "F-PLUTO."

Either that "don't walk" timer is actually red, or it's moving away from us incredibly quickly. What's that? It's just red? That makes more sense. (via reddit)

When vanity plates match their owners, it's usually to describe what kind of douchebag they are, like a tag reading MONYBAG. See? The money kind of douchebag. Every once and a while, though, you pull up alongside a car with a vanity plate and it's someone who has legitimately earned their vanity. That's what happened to redditor TheDrunkMachine (on second thought, maybe he shouldn't be driving) when he stopped at a light next to this dark blue (and pretty dirty) Audi. It's been a long winter, though, so let's not hold the grime and salt marks on the car against one of the smartest men in New York City and the Cosmos successor to Carl Sagan, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, PhD:

"I see you have caught literally me riding dirty. I usually drive the Spaceship of The Imagination and I haven't cleaned my Audi in a while." (via reddit)

There's only one thing that could make this better, and predictably, someone on the Internet already did it before I could:

"I came here to do two things, blow minds and reclassify dwarf planets, and I'm all out of dwarf planets." (via redditor flash_memory)


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Sources: redditor TheDrunkMachine