In the Sheriff's imagination...was she smoking meth with her nose? (via TMZ)


The Sheriff's Office in Bradley County, Tennessee doesn't want people to do meth, and they're willing to make Kim Kardashian look ugly in order to prevent that. Well, they were until TMZ noticed, and now there's a 90s-style "Under Construction" page on the Sheriff Department's site.

Mmmm... retro. (via Bradley County Sheriff's Office )

Up until now, one of the primary tactics for scaring people off America's amphetamine of choice was to show what it did to people's faces. Most of us have seen Faces of Meth (which was created by a different sheriff's department) or some version of it at this point, and yet people continue to do meth. I imagine this is the point at which someone in the Sheriff's Department said "let's be honest—no one cares about their faces because they aren't famous. What's a face people actually care about? Kim Kardashian's. I would never do a drug that might affect her face."

Photoshop: Not Even Once. (via TMZ)

I guess they eventually figured out that it's not exactly acceptable to use a law-enforcement website to unintentionally spread a rumor that one of America's most famous people is horribly addicted to meth. As silly and weird as this is, I do hope that it keeps someone from picking up an addicting drug. I mean, could you imagine if Kim Kardashian's face was used to sell something incredibly addicting that people lose all their time and money on? That would be absurd.

Sources: TMZ