A news reporter caught Taylor Swift's beta BF Tom Hiddleston going for a run outside the Gold Coast, Australia hotel where they have been shacking up all weekend. The reporter lobs him some pretty soft Q's about their relationship, but they seem to totally fluster Hiddleston, who knows better than to speak for Mistress Swift without a list of prepared statements.


"How's Taylor enjoying the beautiful Gold Coast?"

Damn these tough questions!

"Uhmm.. er.. uh... [shit Taylor didn't tell me if I can say that she's having a good time what do I do????]... I'm not going to answer that if that's alright. "

Wow, so much stalling; he's scared he will upset the master. He even asks the reporter if its alright if he doesn't answer, because he's afraid to upset any woman for any reason. What a sweet little beta.