To accompany his interview with W Magazine, Tom Hiddleston put on a suit, then slowly took it off. The semi-nude photo shoot is slightly less authentic-looking than the rocky make-out sesh between Hiddleston and Taylor Swift that hit the internet last week. While Swift didn't come up in conversation, Hiddleston did give a peak at what Swift gets to see up close (assuming they are actually a thing). Here is Tom Hiddleston in three stages of undress.

Stage 1: Fully clothed in dapperness.


Stage 2: Sternly and seductively freeing his pecs.

Stage 3: Completely giving in to being eye candy.

“I’m here to tell you that my butt is not dangerous,” Hiddleston said, in the context of a naked scene that was cut from his show The Night Manager when it aired on AMC because someone doesn't know what the people want. His butt might not be dangerous, but what about those hip bones? They look like they might leave some bruises on Taylor Swift's body.