I think the weirdest part of this is seeing Tupac use a cell phone.

There was a basketball game in Boston last night, and for a while it looked like it was going to be an unexciting and disappointing night for the Celtics, who were being trounced by the Golden State Warriors. Then, the camera guy found Tupac in the audience. Well, at least a guy who clearly got told that he looks like Tupac constantly and decided to roll with it.

People, understandably, went nuts, both because everyone knows that Tupac is secretly alive (personally, I think he was selected to be a Guardian of the Galaxy like Chris Pratt), and because there was no point in watching the Celtics being blown out anymore. Even though this was in the Celtic's home stadium, and you might presume that this California icon impersonator is a Golden State Warriors fan, the crowd embraced him nonetheless, even playing "California Love" in his honor.

Tupac's just trying to watch the game from beyond the grave like anyone else, guys.

(by Johnny McNulty)

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