Test your useless celebrity trivia knowledge by guessing which 2 stories are true,
and which one is a steaming pile of lies!

1. With good paying gigs getting harder to come by, it looks like Kate Gosselin has found a way to save pennies by combining the jobs of her bodyguard/assistant with F-buddy/punching bag, because she’s shacking up with her former lackey in NYC while shooting Celebrity Apprentice. TRUTH OR LIE?

2. Taylor Swift raised a few eyebrows this week when she was photographed on a shopping and coffee playdate with Michelle Rodriguez’s girlfriend, model Cara Delevingne. We wish them well, and best of luck to Taylor when she writes her inevitable breakup song and is trying to find a rhyme for “Delevingne.” TRUTH OR LIE?

3. Kris Kardashian pulled off the nearly unimaginable feat of making making people like her less after she hinted during a radio interview that she had a one-night stand in the 90's with a very married Denzel Washington. TRUTH OR LIE?

1. Kendra Wilkinson must have gotten a firm “no” from Celebrity Apprentice, because she announced this week she just did a photo shoot for an erotic, pregnancy coffee table book. TRUTH OR LIE?

2. Great news for anyone in need of a few books to complete their Summer’s Eve reading list. Because  “Backdoor” Farrah Abraham has scored a book deal for an erotic trilogy called “Celebrity Sex Tape” that she says was written entirely by her. TRUTH OR LIE?

3. Looks like teen porn pioneer Joe Francis is a guy gone mild, because he and his girlfriend are expecting twin girls. So any fathers out there looking for some kind of twisted revenge on Joe should mark their calendars for 2032. TRUTH OR LIE?


1. Debbie Rowe, the mother of Michael Jackson’s 2 oldest children is headed to court trying to get guardianship of the kids while getting them away from the Jacksons and to a more healthy environment. Like, say, a gun range with an open bar and a slippery floor. TRUTH OR LIE?

2. Yo-yo diet specialist Jessica Simpson probably dropped whatever she was selling this week when she learned the horrifying news that her father Joe is financing a gay nightclub in Miami. TRUTH OR LIE?

A lot of young people have problems communicating with their parents. However, Selena Gomez isn’t one of them, because they just had a frank discussion in which she informed them that they’re both fired as her managers. Good talk! TRUTH OR LIE?

Sources: TMZ