Revenge is best served cold, or fresh and on Instagram if you're British reality star Vicky Pattison. Pattison has lost weight a lot of weight since gaining fame on Geordie Shore in 2011. In the process, she's come to a happier place with her body, but she still regularly contends with Internet trolls according to MTV News UK. Pattison recently became particularly irked with commenters after they berated her for looking different in an Instagram of a photoshoot than in paparazzi pictures that snapped her in the same outfit. The offending image was a campaign shot for her Honeyz clothing line.


Pattison responded by sharing a side-by-side of a candid shot from the shoot with one of the publicity images. She also included a lengthy and strongly worded caption with some very good points.

I am slightly irritated with myself that I am having to do this but I've had a weekend full of abuse on Instagram and I'm not one to take things lying down... Especially when it's online trolling/bullying, body shaming or women hating on other women.

On the left here is an unedited, behind the scenes shot of me from my most recent @Honeyz shoot- on the right the final campaign shot. There are of course some small changes... Everything is tidied up, smoothed down or just made to the look it's best for a national campaign- but the difference as you can blatantly see is MINOR!!!! To criticise me, judge me and body shame me over a couple of bad pictures that I happen to have taken in this outfit by incessant photographers who at times want nothing more than an unflattering photograph of someone is petty, childish and disrespectful.

What bothers me most is that it's ignorant and hurtful and unfortunately seems to be mostly coming from other girls.

And I say 'girls' because girls compete and tear each other down... Yet women EMPOWER one another!!! Think carefully about which one you are as to quote @khloekardashian, this petty movement ain't cute.

Please think before you type, everyone has feelings and bitterness, jealousy, anger and cruelty are an inward blade... That curves into you and only hurts the person harbouring it.

Toodles.... And I hope you're all enjoying your Sunday!