Could this be the year Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins that damn Oscar? The actor, nominated this year for his acclaimed bear-fighting movie The Revenant, has been nominated in five different years, for What's Eating Gilbert Grape? (Best Supporting Actor), The Aviator (Best Actor), Blood Diamond (Best Actor), and The Wolf of Wall Street (for Best Actor and as producer in the category Best Motion Picture of the Year).

Each time he's gone home empty-handed (unless you count vape pens). There's been so much buzz about DiCaprio's Oscar history that Line Animation created an arcade-style video game called Leo's Red Carpet Rampage where you, as DiCaprio, try to get an Oscar.

Always just out of reach!

The hilarious game has DiCaprio chasing an Oscar down the red carpet, racing other nominees like Matt Damon in a spacesuit and Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs, while leaping over photographers and the occasional iceberg.

Harder... harder... YOU CAN DO THIS, LEO!