Before he was Vin Diesel, Fast and the Furious actor, he was Vin Diesel, fast and furious Street Sharks toy salesman. Now, a video of his sales technique has surfaced to prove he always had the Diesel charm.

Back in 1994, a twenty-something Diesel was using his raw strength and fierce masculinity to sell sharks as buff as himself at a toy fair. Complete with a leather vest, Diesel was adept at making his shark gang defeat toy trolls as viciously as he defeats Instagram trolls today.

If you don't remember Street Sharks, then you must not have been ten years old between 1994 and 1995, when the sorta-beloved animated series was on the air. Here's the intro to send you into a mid-90s nostalgia spiral:


Even Vin Diesel couldn't make them seem as cool as the Ninja Turtles.