Not very Diplo-matic of him.

Diplo (n.) - A revolutionary in the stealing content business.


If you don't know who Diplo is, congrats on listening to the part of health class where they told you that Ecstasy (Molly, MDMA, X, smileys, booplesnoops, whatever) puts holes in your brain. He's one of the world's top-tier DJs, in a price category with Tiesto, Deadmau5, Paul Oakenfold, and whoever else is playing Sweet Sixteens for billionaire's brats these days. He's also a huge jerk to complete strangers online who don't take kindly to their work being stolen.

On top of everything else, "at the same time as well" is terrible writing. So redundant. Like it was typed by a guy who makes repetitive beats based on others' work.

"U guys who create art from scratch are sad lazy" - Diplo

DJs can sample images, too, now?

Diplo is also half of Major Lazer, and he's collaborated with M.I.A., Britney Spears, Beyonce, Justin Bieber and other huge mainstream names. He's a big deal. Big enough that he should be able to afford to pay to use artwork from working cartoonists like Rebecca Mock. But he neither paid nor (at first) credited Mock for the use of her artwork in these promotional clips (seen on for his new collaboration with Missy Elliott:

On the one hand, yay for the Missy Elliott collaboration. Sounds awesome. About that super-cool gif background, though: it's a portion of an original animated work by Mock, who was hired by Medium to create it for an article about earthquake scientists in Italy. At the artist's request, I'll ask that you check out the original image on Medium. It looks way bigger and better there, anyway.

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