On Tuesday, Zac Efron posted a photo collage featuring him and his Baywatch movie costars doing that show's iconic beach run. Apparently, the dirty blonde-haired dreamboat wasn’t that bro enough to conquer the show’s most famous sequence. In the first photo, Efron looked like he totally nailed the beach run. In the second, the actor immediately busted his ass and made out with the sand. 


He captioned:

Yeah, thats it- Run coooool
*cool thoughts*
Oh yeah, Feelin it
*think coo- AGH WTF

When you're more concerned with how "coooool" you look whilst doing something, you'll inevitably screw shit up. Sorry, bro.

And what is the Internet to do when they see a photo of a celebrity committing to a terrible, terrible fall? They transform the original photo into an unfortunate, yet hilarious series of dank memes, of course.

Count on Efron to ruin your family photo.